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Statii betoane prefabricate

De cand KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S a fabricat si livrat prima statie de asfalt in 1967, programul de productie a cunoscut o dezvoltare continua...

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Statii betoane prefabricate

Utilaje Canalizare Automatizate

-VIHY® Mastercast SC 120
-VIHY® MMastercast SC 160

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Vibroprese multifunctionale de inalta precizie si fiabilitate pentru pavaj,blocheti,boltari,borduri si orice alte prefabricate pentru amenajari exterioare...

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Pavaj / Gestiune produse verzi

Conveior cu role, Finger Car, Manipulare Paleti...

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Pavaj/Gestiune produse maturate

Linie Cubare, Finger Car, Linie Integrata KVM, Linie Invechire Pavele, Linie Taiere ...

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Grinzi pretensionate

Grinzi NUSPL- cofrarea pentru producerea subansamblelor constructive din beton este caracterizata de acuratete,fiabilitate si longevitate...

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Pereti prefabricati

Productia de pereti sandwich si monolit.
Productia inovativa de pereti dubli necesita sisteme de productie sofisticate din punct de vedere tehnic si tehnologic...

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Since KVM INTERNATIONAL A/S manufactured and delivered the first asphalt plant in 1967, the product programme has undergone continuous development. Use of the latest technology and knowledge ensures that our product programme is at the front. Thereby your investment with KVM promises you asphalt manufacturing equipment with a guaranteed high output at the lowest possible running costs. KVM cares for the environment and has a green philosophy, where we aim to reduce energy consumption and minimise emissions of any kind. Long and strong relations with our customers ensure that the experience from your world is put into the KVM product programme of tomorrow.

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